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HistAntArtSI - Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
Inspection: L'Aquila, Amiternum, San Vittorino, Peltuinum, Civita di Bagno 22/10/2015 - 23/10/2015

L’AQUILA: Church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio; Church of San Bernardino; Church of San Giuseppe Artigiano (San Biagio); Bazzano Gate (with City Walls); Leone Gate; Alfieri Palace; Romanelli Palace; Benedetti Carli Palace; Spanish Fort (Castle); Fountain of "99 cannelle"
AMITERNUM: Archeological area (Roman Amphitheater and Theatre)
SAN VITTORINO: Church of San Michele Arcangelo; Bell Tower/Civic Tower
PELTUINUM: Archeological area (City Walls, Theatre, [...]
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Inspection: Lanciano, Chieti, Popoli, Corfinio, Sulmona 08/06/2015 - 10/06/2015

LANCIANO: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Ponte; Diocleziano Bridge; Portico of Zecca; Church of San Francesco; Church of Santa Maria Maggiore; Church of San Giovanni Battista; Church of Sant'Agostino; Church of San Giovina; Church of San Lucia; Borgo Spring; Municipal building; Fella Palace; Medieval studios; San Biagio Gate; Archeological Museum
CHIETI: Cathedral of San Giustino; Municipal building; Church of San Francesco della [...]
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Inspection: Riccia, Larino 27/05/2015 - 27/05/2015

RICCIA: Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie; Church of Santa Maria Assunta; Church of the Annunziata; Tower
LARINO: Roman Amphitheatre; Municipal building; Cathedral

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Inspection: Venafro 20/05/2015 - 20/05/2015

VENAFRO: Co-cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta; Church of the Annunziata; Church and Monastry of San Francesco; Church of Sant'Agostino; Pandone Castle and National Museum of Molise; Square surrounded by Logge; Market Tower; Roman Theatre; Amphitheater; Aqueduct; Archeological Museum

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Inspection: Isernia, Sepino 07/05/2015 - 07/05/2015

ISERNIA: Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo; Arch of San Pietro (bell tower of the Cathedral); Temple of the Latin colony of Aesernia; Church of San Francesco; Fraterna fountain; Church and Monastery of Santa Maria delle Monache; Archeological Museum; Rampino Palace; Annunziata Palace 
SEPINO: Archaeological area of Altilia-Saepinum (Roman theatre, Grifo fountain, Basilica, "foro", Mausoleum of Caio Ennio Marsio, Boiano Gate, Benevento Gate); Church [...]
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