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HistAntArtSI - Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
Inspection: Penne, Città Sant'Angelo, Atri, Giulianova, Teramo 22/04/2015 - 24/04/2015

PENNE: Municipal building (former Monastery of San Francesco); Church of San Domenico; Church of San Giovanni Evangelista; Church of San Ciro; Cathedral of San Massimo and crypt; Scorpione Palace; De Dura Palace; De Caesaris-Troy Palace; Captain Palace; Episcopal Palace; Santa Croce Gate; San Francesco Gate
CITTA' SANT'ANGELO: "Collegiata" of San Michele Arcangelo
ATRI: Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta; Chapter Museum; Roman Cistern and [...]
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Inspection: Paestum 18/04/2015 - 19/04/2015

PAESTUM: Archaelogical Park; Archaelogical Museum

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Inspection: Gerace, Tropea, Mileto, Vibo Valentia 11/03/2015 - 13/03/2015

GERACE: Del Tocco Palace; Church of San Francesco; Cathedral; Diocesan Museum; Church of Sant'Anna; Historical centre Palaces 
TROPEA: Church of SS. Annunziata; Cathedral; Diocesan Museum; "Seggio"
MILETO: State Museum; Cathedral; Ruins of the Monastery of Trinità
VIBO VALENTIA: Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli; Church of SS. Rosario; Cathedral; Church of Santa Maria La Nova; Church of San Michele; Square Gate (Marzano Gate); [...]
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Inspection: Corigliano Calabro, Strongoli, Santa Severina, Crotone, Capo Colonna, Isola di Capo Rizzuto, Le Castella 20/01/2015 - 22/01/2015

CORIGLIANO CALABRO: Church of Carmine; Church of S. Antonio; Church of San Francesco di Paola;"Romitorio" of San Francesco; Aqueduct; Monastery of S. Maria di Josaphat; Sanseverino Castle

STRONGOLI: Cathedral

SANTA SEVERINA: Baptistery; Cathedral; Santa Severina Castle and Archeological Museum; Diocesan Museum; Ancient Cathedral

CROTONE: Castle; Archeological Museum; Cathedral; Oliverio Palace; Zurlo Palace; City Walls

ISOLA DI CAPO RIZZUTO: Cathedral; Church of San Marco; City Gate


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Inspection: Morano Calabro, Altomonte, Cosenza, Rossano 30/09/2014 - 02/10/2014

MORANO CALABRO: Church and cloister of San Bernardino; Church of San Pietro; Church of Carmine; Church of Santa Maddalena; Castle

ALTOMONTE: Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione; Museum

COSENZA: Historical Centre; Cathedral; Church of San Francesco; Church of San Domenico; Church of San Gaetano; Church of Sant'Agostino; Palaces of the families Tarsia, G. Sersale, P. Sersale, Cavalcanti, De Matera, Bombini, Giannuzzi Savelli, Arnone; [...]
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