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HistAntArtSI - Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
inspection: Campagna, Eboli 14/06/2012

CAMPAGNA: Historical centre; Cloister of the Annunziata (today Municipio); Cathedral; Church of Sant'Antonino; Pironti Palace; Tercaso Palace; Hermitage of Santa Maria di Avigliano
EBOLI: Historical centre; Archaeological Museum; portal in Piazza Dogana; portals in via Genovesi; Church and Cloister of San Pietro alli Marmi; Church of Sant'Antonino

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inspection: Sala Consilina, Sassano, Atena Lucana 12/06/2012

SALA CONSILINA: Historical Centre; Castle; Church of San Giuseppe; Church of the Annunziata; Church of San Pietro; Grammatico Palace; Paleochristian Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte
SASSANO: Historical centre; Inscriptions on the exterior of San Giovanni Battista
ATENA LUCANA: Historical centre; Church of San Ciro; City walls and towers; City gates

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inspection: Buccino, Caggiano, Polla 25/05/2012

BUCCINO: City Walls; Consina Gate; Agostinian Monastery; Archaeological Museum; Church of Sant'Antonio; Church of the Assunta; Church of Cross; Remains of the Caesareum; excavations of the macellum; excavations of the Bouleuterion; excavations of the thermal baths in Via Canali; Church of Santa Maria Solditta; Castle; antiquities arranged in the Forcella Palace; Roman bridge
CAGGIANO: Antiquarium; Roman Mausoleum in San Stasio
POLLA: [...]
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inspection: Capua 24/05/2012

CAPUA: Palazzo Verrazzo in via Pier delle Vigne; Antignano Palace; Church and Monastery of San Giovanni delle Dame monache; Museo Campano

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inspection: Teggiano 11/05/2012

TEGGIANO: Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore; “Seggio”; Church of San Pietro; Diocesan Museum; Church and Crypt of San Michele; Church and Cloister of the Pietà; De Honestis Palace; Church of Sant'Antuono; Church of San Martino; Castle; Church of the Annunziata; Roman Walls; City gate of the Annunziata

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