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HistAntArtSI - Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
news 30/03/2012

HistAntArtSI at the Annual Meeting of Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Frankfurt am Main

Session 1: Roman Copies and Greek Originals. Theories, Methods, Perspectives

Chair: Anna Anguissola


Angela Palmentieri (ERC-Histantarsi Project / Università degli studi di Napoli)

Roman statuary in marble and bronze from Salerno in Campania



This work is about the great marble and bronze statuary from Salerno, in southern Campania. Various statuary fragments are included as a torso of Dionysus from Palazzo d’Avossa from a sculpture' colletion of XVI century; a fragment of a bronze statue of Apollon (I BC - I AD); a group sculpture of Dionysus with a panther and some unpublished fragments from local archaeological museums (as Venus pudica).

The aims of this research were threefold: I. To recognise the statuary of Salerno with its richness of subjects derived from Greek tradition. II.

To consider the problem of the original context and choices of the Roman local workshops. III. To consider the use of Italic or Greek marbles. The study of these productions suggests the iconographic choices in Rome and in Salerno and the function of Greek sculpture in Roman times and the values associated with it.

Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance
Warburg Institute