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HistAntArtSI - Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
news 16/11/2012

HistAntArtSI colloquium /Antiquities and Local Identities in Southern Italy: Art, Architecture and Literature between 1300 and 1700

London, The Warburg Institute
Organized by Bianca de Divitiis

Speakers will include six members of the project ERC/HistAntArtSI/ University of Naples Federico II: Bianca de Divitiis, Fulvio Lenzo, Fernando Loffredo, Salvatore Marino, Lorenzo Miletti and Angela Palmentieri

This colloquium will show how the historical memory, the antiquarian culture and the artistic patronage were used to construct social identities in the centres of continental southern Italy between the late medieval and early modern period. By presenting the first results of the five years project funded by the European Research Council, the papers will deal with the conscious and strategic use of sources and of the antique in the composition of new texts and in the commissioning of artistic and architectural works in cities such as Nola, Capua, Fondi, Sessa Aurunca, Salerno located in the Campania region.


Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance
Warburg Institute